Like a dream in India.


There is something about India which leaves you wanting more. Just like everyone had explained..all of my senses really were on overdrive. If I had two sets of eyes, or double the amount of time there, I don't think it would ever be enough to take in everything I was seeing, experiencing & digesting. Already dreaming about next time...

Getting Wild with We the Wild Ones.

These girls know how to look good & party!

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Shot by @seanyfoster

Wearing Drowning in Decadence vintage tees.




A trip to India was definitely not on my to do list this year, nor I couldn't have really imagined going there anytime in the near future either. BUT! A few weeks ago there was some magic in the air & a close girlfriend of mine & I seemed to be all of a sudden booking flights & the month count down was on. So now we wait, with only just over a week to go I wake up & my first thoughts are India & I fall to sleep at night dreaming of what we are about to experience. I feel like I am craving culture, I want to experience something so far from our life here at home. I have heard is that my senses will be on perfect I thought! I am open & ready for it all.

Talkin' About My Girrrrrl....Inspiration Found

So recently my 9 year old step daughter & I have watched My Girl 1 & 2 on repeat for the past month & fair to say Vader is the bomb! I am so inspired by her style. 70's embroidered blouses with overalls & Converse. Then there is Shelly (Jamie Lee Curtis) absolutely killing it in her rocking outfits too...denim jumpsuits, paisley bohemian blouses with embroidered vests. Agghhhh SOOOOOO GOOD!!! My motto at current...'If Vader would wear it, then so am I!'

Endless Summer || Lookbook


Days roll into nights & Summer slowly rolls into Winter...yet we wana break the rules! We wana live our endless Summer. 

This dream, this lookbook would not have been possible if it wasn't for the most talented of women...

Jesska of Wilde Visual

Muse Ashleigh Henderson 

Tara from Mercer Makeup

Cassandra from Salon de Casa

Ashleigh also wears jewels by Frankly My Dear Bralette by Arnhem Clothing & crochet swimwear by Sweet Cheeks Design.


Birthday Lovin' & Dress Ups.

My girls surprised me & spoilt me rotten with birthday love & gifts & I just love these inspiring women to pieces! Between the 6 of us we have 13 kids, 4 years old & you can imagine our catchups are always...ummm loud!! 

Jess from Wilde.Visual took some snaps of the morning & I also wanted to share a little insight into my studio where all of DIDV's vintage pieces hang, get shot, then sent out to all our their lovely new homes! The collection just keeps on getting bigger & I am so thankful that everyday I get to do what I LOVE!!!!

Travels through the south.

Taking my man & kiddies back to where I grew up in South Australia really was a magical journey. Now looking through different eyes, eyes of a now mumma, a young woman who has travelled, lived a little & experienced life a little, I feel I appreciated it all on a different level. I felt so much soul in the beauty, a true magic part of Australia. I really want to give my children the gift of adventure, & this strip of coast is so, so inspiring to do just that!